S.Hさん/ 高校生(18歳)/ 着実Step-Upコース/ 期間18週間(2014.1.6~5.16)


当校FBに念願の米国テキサス州の大学Southern Adventist Universityの麻酔科医コースに合格できた喜びを英語で寄せてくれました。


Hi this is Graduate student from We'll English Academy Sho Hatano .

I want to really say thank you to all of you in We'll English Academy !

Because of the supports, I had finally passed the University Entrance Exam.

I really appreciate about it.

I'd just studied for 4 and half months TOEFL and SAT but I really felt that I improved.

My TOEFL score went up from 51 to 73 just studying for 1 month.

Isn't this great??

The teachers have really high standard English and teaches very well.

So please. If you are thinking you want to brush up you English, please try to check this English Academy We'll. thank you. 



卒業生の翔です。お陰様で、念願の大学(米国テキサス州Southern Adventist University)の入学試験にパスしました!! ウィルの先生、スタッフの皆さま、本当にいろいろありがとうございました。